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About US

We are Partners with Seeking Something Enterprise who has been in the Internet Service business for over 10 years.  We are a small business that utilizes all it's resources to help anyone; personal, business, etc., desiring to get online and get visible.  We are a low cost service with great value for the money.   We designed this website to make the process of advertising simple and fast.


Pay to Advertise provides online advertisers with a cost-effective, easily tracked method of advertisement while given Web publishers a better way to monetize Internet traffic. With a primary goal of maintaining its leadership position as an innovator in the pay per click industry.  Pay to Advertise believes in order to achieve it's goals, Web surfers must easily gain access to relevant search results; advertisers must be able to identify a clear Return on Investment.


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Seeking Something Enterprise and Pay to Advertise search engine have come together to bring you a search engine designed to help you reach you goal for Hits per month to your website link.