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Pay to Advertise support advertisers who wish to market their product or services on the Internet by submitting their Web site information in the form of listing a keywords.  Bid values are assigned to each individual keyword to determine the placement of each listing among search results when a user performs a search. By allotting a specific value to each term, an advertiser only pays the assigned price for the people who click on their listing and actually visit the site. Because listings appear when a keyword is searched for, or when grouped into content channels by topic, an advertiser can reach a more targeted audience on a much lower budget.


Pay to Advertise editorial review team reviews all listings and keywords to confirm that the information provided is accurate. Reviewing advertiser information guarantees relevant search results, satisfying you the customer.

We will also provide you the html text to copy and paste into your website.  This will give you your own search engine box just like the one below.






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