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If you are having a difficult time getting your business recognized online, posting to several search engines and still don't know were your listed, nor haven't received the hits you are looking for; I can tell you the reason why, and it's very simple; nothing is free.


Pay to Advertise will get you the clicks needed to start making profit in your business.  For as little as 5 dollars gets you started on your way to bringing in the money, or at least giving the world the opportunity to visit your site to see what you have to offer.


Pay to Advertise is a solution for all websites; visibility, and to help you on your way to getting visible.  Pay to Advertise is a search engine like all others, but it offers anyone who wants to be visible the opportunity to purchase keywords and Pay for search engine placement.  It doesn't matter what  you sell, it will not get purchased on the internet unless you are visible.   If you are selling information that you want the world to see, than this is your answer.


In order to stay in business, or get your product/information visible you need to advertise.  You also need to be at the top for all eyes to see. That's truly the bottom line! 


Over 75 percent of websites online will never get the hits they expect and the owners of these websites will make a pretty good investment to get recognized, but the majority of  these companies will loose their investments and possible their business. 


Stats you should know!

78% of users will abandon a search if they cannot find results within the first three pages and 28% will abandon the search if the results are not found within the first page.


Seeking Something Enterprise and Pay to Advertise search engine have come together to bring you a search engine designed to help you reach you goal for Hits per month to your website link.