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How it works

It's actually very simple to do.  You sign up for an account which is free; after your account is set up you must pay $5 to get started.  Once started you would click the link called " Add Listing".  This link will allows you to add your website to the search engine, and allow you to select the "key word" to your site.


For example a " key word" would be base on whatever you think someone would type into the search engine to find your website.  If I were selling shoes, my "key word" would be shoes.  If a person comes to our site, or any sites listed to the left; which by the way are plastered all over the internet, types in the search engine shoes,  and there you are at the top.    Some "Key words" cost starts are .05 cent that's means for $5 dollars you could place 1000 "Keywords". 

1000 Keywords so you can take a taxi to the tap!


Another good thing that has happens and this is not guaranteed, but I have seen it happen with my own website; and the websites that are in our search engine (to the left), they have moved up in search engines such as Yahoo, GoogleAltavista, MSN, AOL, and more.  I believe this has something to do with the search engines web crawler. Search engines terminology for linking.  I can go through an internet science explaining how search engines work, but that doesn't really matter to you; what really matters is getting visible and getting the hits.  Think I'm joking?  Just go to Google and put in; Pay to Advertise, and tell me who's at the top? I will tell you; this site, #1 out of 102,000,000 websites.    Still don't believe me, go to every search engine listed above and take note that this website is listed on the first page of all the search engines. 


 You will either get in the taxi for $5, or try to catch the next one that comes along; the choice is yours!



Taxi your way to the top!

Seeking Something Enterprise and Pay to Advertise search engine have come together to bring you a search engine designed to help you reach you goal for Hits per month to your website link.